Items in the Previous Contestant Bags

Here are some of the items that have been found in the bags of materials for the contestants to make their toys from.

A toilet plunger

a child's t shirt

one flip flop sandal

a leather belt

a child's book

a potato

a zucchini

a plastic, two liter soda bottle

a straw placemat

an empty squeeze bottle.

an artificial sunflower

a bicycle inner tube


an oven mitt

Music From Previous Contests

Remember, the premise is that the music also washed ashore. It's a wonder that Meryl hasn't been killed DURING the contest, but you have to admit the music is...unusual. Often the audience sings along, sometimes not realizing they are doing it.

The Theme From the Love Boat

The Theme From Gilligan's Island

Muskrat Love

Knock Three Times on the Ceiling


Let it be Me

Sloop John B

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Dazed and Chinese (by Bongwater)

Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson

The Banana Boat Song

Put De Lime in De Coconut

Rock the Boat

Dreams of the Everyday Housewife


The Hokey Pokey

My Ding A Ling

Let It Be Me

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